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Long Roadtrip? How You Can Keep The Kids Entertained

Whether near or far, traveling with kids brings its own set of challenges. Regardless of whether you are embarking by plane, train, or automobile, anything longer than an hour or so will inevitably result in antsy kids and “are we there yet?” whines. Moving can be stressful and here at PODS we help ease that stress, but moving along with kids can add a different kind of worry, so in attempt here are some key tips to help make your drive or flight easier to your new home.

Whether you’re driving or flying, DVDs, video games, music, and other media can be crucial to keeping your kids entertained on the trip. Be careful not to pack away the Game Boy or portable DVD player, and remind your kids to keep their iPods or other music players where they’re easily accessible.

Just as important as packing the players is packing the items to play—you don’t want to start your cross-country trip only to discover that your four-year-old is the only one who remembered to bring the  DVD: Toy Story which may have been entertaining, but twenty hours of it will get on anyone’s nerves (except the four-year-old’s…). So make sure you have a variety of movies something that everyone can enjoy.

Books and magazines are also great ways to stay busy during a long trip. Consider letting each child pick out a new book, magazine, CD, video game, or DVD to keep him or her entertained during the trip. This will help avoid boredom and give yet another incentive to be excited about the move.

And in latest news, in an attempt to ease some of the hassles of traveling – especially when battling the legions of fellow travelers during the holiday season – the following is a list is just a few of iPhone apps for making that long journey a little easier.

Pack and go deluxe

Before the journey even begins, packing yourself and other family members requires a great deal of organization. If you’re traveling with young children, things get more complicated when there are essentials like diapers, wipes, formula, bottles and baby food that you need with you. This app enables you to pick from a master catalogue of hundreds of items and create your own lists to ensure nothing gets left behind.

Rest area finder

Use this app to help find the nearest rest stops along the way.

Family Car Games

Family Car Games is a fun, interactive application for the entire family to enjoy on those long car rides. There are 100 options available including guessing games, word games, car radio games, and memory games. It also includes a fun spinner function that picks games for you at random.

Family Matters

Family Matters is an app that is designed to encourage interaction with them. With a multitude of questions and activities, the goal of this app is to spawn meaningful conversation and engagement.


iStoryTime offers an array of whimsical and delightfully illustrated books for kids aged 2-7.


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