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Take a Spring Break with PODS

Remember the days when “spring break” meant taking a vacation to a beach destination? You know, that halfway break between winter and summer to relax and rejuvenate with the family. Where have those days gone? Sometimes, it is no fun being an adult.

A few years ago I took a week vacation from work and stayed home for spring break with my kids. It was a week I took to get organized because let’s face it there just is no time to get down and dirty with the household unless you have a big chunk of time, and I needed a big chunk of time.

I didn’t own a truck and the nearest mini storage center was 10 miles away. This posed a major inconvenience. So, I called PODS®. Amazingly, they delivered a PODS® container the first morning of spring break and the kids and I got to work. Incentives to helping mom included afternoons at the beach or local amusement park, and fun sprinkled throughout the week to give us all respite.

It took more than a week, however. For 3 weeks, the sturdy PODS® container sat in our driveway while I took the time to do things right. There was no driver standing by in a truck and no 20-mile round-trips in the car to load and unload boxes into a storage unit. Instead, I had everything a few steps away with access 24/7. Talk about giving mom a break!


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PODS® isn’t the “other” guy, it’s the man!

Look at this picture. Sad isn’t it? I mean, all of those personal belongings and treasured keepsakes being slammed together every time the box unit tilts forward or backwards on the flatbed trailer. It’s like a carnival ride gone bad with your stuff inside paying the price for eating too many funnel cakes.

I can’t even look at it without feeling queasy. Neither should you. Look away before your retinas are damaged!

Now, remove the bandages, open your eyes and call PODS Moving and Storage.

When you pack your boxes, furniture and appliances they will be in the exact same spot when the PODS® container is re-delivered to your new home. Nothing will shift, tilt or go on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride because PODS’ patented truck lift system called PODzilla™ will carefully balance your cargo every step of the way.

So, I ask: Why would you use the “other” guy when PODS is clearly the “man” for the job?

Yeah, I thought so. And that is why PODS® is the best moving and storage idea, ever!™

–The Moving Diva


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Time to remodel your home? Here are 5 tips to help get you

As exciting as the idea of a newly remodeled home might seem, the process can be unpredictable and overwhelming when construction begins.

PODS® is a great solution for homeowners since the storage containers can be placed onsite as close as your driveway. Why is this important? Because it allows immediate access and eliminates trips to an offsite storage facility, saving you time and money!

5 Tips:

1.         Plan ahead and do plenty of research. Tour homes and showrooms for ideas you might like to incorporate into your remodel. Keep a file of clippings you like.

2.         Prepare for the unexpected by leaving extra money in your budget and additional time for unforeseen problems, because they always do.

3.         Rely on the experts. Major reconstruction requires a licensed contractor to ensure your home is compliant with building codes. Contact your local association or union for referrals.

4.         Since PODS is the best moving and storage idea, ever — rent a PODS® container  to store your personal belongings and household items during the renovation.

5.         Keep and open mind during the remodel process. Remember, soon you will be able to relax and enjoy all of your hard work!

The Moving Diva


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With PODS® You Don’t Need a Truck to Move!

Imagine my surprise to discover that someone on Planet Earth actually has no idea what PODS® is, or what they do (insert my rolling eyes here).

A friend was at a chamber breakfast last week and won a gift certificate for 6 months of free storage at a local PODS storage center. When she called and asked me if I knew what PODS was I almost fell off my chair. She said there was no way she could use the prize because she didn’t have a truck to take everything to the storage center.

Ok folks, here we go…..

ME: Delores! You do not have to drive anywhere! They bring a PODS® storage container to your house when you schedule and deliver to your driveway if that’s where you want it placed. You can keep it for a few days or a few weeks and load whatever you want inside. Then PODS will pick it up and transport it back to their really big garage and keep it for 6 months.

DELORES: Oh, really. I did not know that, I thought we had to use a truck like the other storage places. So the PODS people will come to my house and I don’t have to drive it anywhere?

ME: No! It is awesome! So, are you going to keep your prize?

DELORES: Oh, yes! My husband will be so happy about this!

ME: Yay for PODS!

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Providing the freedom to move, PODS goes where you go

I fly often across several states and often pre-plan my trips to visit family. Like most frequent flyers, I much prefer booking a nonstop flight from Point A to Point B. There are literally thousands of airline flights to fit my schedule. It is staggering, but when I sift through all the listings and can book the flight I want at a price I can live with, I am satisfied.

It occurred to me on a recent flight that PODS® also allows its customers to transport all their stuff from one place to another, booking a storage container when they need it and at a great price, too.

Here is how it’s done: You order a PODS® container. It is delivered when you want. You pack it up at your leisure, lock it and call PODS for retrieval. Then, sit back and enjoy your peanuts and pretzels as your belongings are transported to your final destination (new home, new college ornew city).

PODS, like my nonstop flight, is direct shot from Point A to Point B, and this is something customers can get onboard with and appreciate.

More peanuts, please.

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What’s in a name? Plenty if you’re talking about PODS® containers and AFL star James Podsiadly

Ok, first look at this web link, then come back and read me. Go ahead. I will wait.


Done? Ok.

“Perfect PODS?” You knew that headline would get my attention!

Australian Football League star James Podsiadly, a goal kicker for the Geelong Cats and PODS are a perfect play!

Whether it’s a soccer star or moving and storage star, PODS® containers can help you score the perfect goal on moving day – across town or across the country.

No referee required.

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PODS® is One Smooth Operator

Pretty much anything that disrupts a household in a major inconvenient way is not pleasant. Where we usually have a routine to getting kids ready for school or ourselves ready for work, the flow is redirected, and not in a good way.

I don’t like not being without my belongings for a long period of time, but when a kitchen fire broke out (I promise it was not my cooking that did it!) we were forced to enlist contractors for a remodel. Along with walls and flooring, our furniture and personal belongings needed to be removed from the downstairs living areas.

There was no place to store all of this stuff in the garage so we called PODS.  We had a 12-foot storage container delivered to our home, which we promptly loaded so construction could commence. A few days later the container was picked up and taken to the PODS® storage center about 15 miles away.

A month later, we had a new kitchen. Our storage container was re-delivered with all of our furniture still tucked inside just as we packed it. Thanks to PODS patented lift called PODZILLA® not one thing shifted or toppled over to or from each destination.

PODS is one smooth operator, but not in a Barry White kind of way.

The Moving Diva

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What Not To To with Your Luxury Sedan

Ok, is it just me, or is it a little strange to see a luxury sedan pulling a moving trailer filled to the brink, riding super low on the back axel springs.

It happened, and it took a moment for my brain to comprehend this ghastly sight. Then I took a picture, because, well – I was there!

At the max, this was a 6-cylinder engine pulling this monstrosity of a trailer, changing lanes right smack in front of me. A tall oak television cabinet was balanced between two mattresses, lamps toppled back and forth outside the rails and there was an overstuffed chair for grandpa to take a nap in.

Yeah. I rolled my eyes. Did you think I wouldn’t?

Two words: PODS® container.

That is all.

Email your moving pet peeves to me at movingdiva@gmail.com.

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Oh Please! Allow PODS® to do the Heavy Lifting for You

I am not macho. I avoid heavy lifting whenever I can. I might break a nail or something. My teenage son has no problem telling me he can do it, so I let him.

PODS® is much the same, providing delivery and pick-up of a really big box (PODS® storage container) and taking all the weight of a relocation, renovation, remodel or as extra storage.

Recently, a PODS® container was delivered to our driveway as we set out to completely remodel our downstairs living areas. At ground level, my strong uncles removed heavy furniture and appliances into the open storage container and my teenager happily carried boxes until he was bored. Then, I took over with the light stuff.

No one was rushed since we can have the PODS® container onsite for as long as we want. In this case, however, I was unable to keep it at my home, so PODS picked it up a week later and transported it back to itsStorageCenter just a few miles away for short-term storage.

PODS moves, stores and delivers with three sizes of PODS® containers to fit the contents of your home. The largest, 12×16-feet, will transport an average 3-bedroom home.

Learn more at PODS.com.

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You Can Have Your Very Own Space Station with PODS® Containers

Last week, Atlantis shuttle astronauts were busy packing up more than 2 tons of old equipment and trash from the International Space Station, using a cargo hauler for transport back to Earth. The mission took 6 astronauts working 150 hours over 13 days to complete!

Houston! We have no problems! Back here on Earth we have PODS® containers to help move and store across town, the country or even across the pond!

To have your very own space station delivered to your door, without out-of-this-world prices, visit PODS.com.

The Moving Diva


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