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What Consumers Want Most in a Moving and Storage Company

PODS Enterprises, Inc. launches updated branding and new web site based on customer insights

(CLEARWATER, FLA.) – PODS Enterprises, Inc., a leader in moving and storage, recently completed comprehensive market research to better understand what customers value the most when moving or storing their valuables.

Using feedback from consumer focus groups, customer interviews and quantitative analysis, the company reveals that flexibility and convenience are top factors influencing customer satisfaction in the moving and storage experience.

“Forty percent of our customers report that greater flexibility is the number one advantage to using PODS,” said George Spowart, vice president of marketing for PODS. “By allowing customers to pack and load a PODS® container at their own pace, our company is substantially more flexible than traditional moving or rental truck companies.”Moving is cited as one of the top five stressors in a person’s life1. Many times, the stress from a change in residence is compounded by another life event such as job change, divorce or a family death.

Taking customer feedback to heart, PODS developed a more user-friendly web site, updated branding and messaging, and launched a new TV advertising campaign. (http://www.youtube.com/PODScompany)

The new web site, http://www.pods.com/, developed from the research and extensive user testing, is designed to allow residential, business and government customers to take more control of their move, whether they need to store their property on-site, move it to a secure PODS® Storage Center or move it across town or across the country. To help alleviate stress, the web site also provides access to a wide variety of informational topics ranging from first-time home buyer tax credits to safely storing your valuables and more.

Despite the housing market slowdown and a decrease in volume for traditional moving and rental truck companies, PODS saw long-distance moving services increase by double digit percentage points in fiscal 2009 over the previous year.

“PODS revolutionized the portable moving and storage industry over 10 years ago and we are still the best moving and storage idea ever,” Spowart said.

1 Prather, Jilly. “Psychological Causes of Stress.” EHow.com. March 29, 2010. http://www.ehow.com/about_5101213_psychological-causes-stress.html

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PODS offers 6 tips for an organized garage


As life progresses, we tend to acquire items of all shapes and sizes. Often, when items have outlasted their usefulness, they are placed in the garage. The garage can be an amazing resource for the home, but a messy garage can cause frustration and can even be dangerous.

The idea of cleaning out the garage may be unpleasant, but now is the perfect time to clear out the clutter in preparation of warmer weather and summer fun—a time when surfboards, swim gear and camping equipment are put to use!

Throughout the year, it is easy to allow items to accumulate in the garage. Organizing a garage can be done in stages. Consider these helpful hints:

1. Make a plan to reduce the number of items stored in the garage. Divide the garage into zones: Storage Zone, Charity Zone, Garage Sale Zone and Trash Zone. Relocate zoned items to a PODS storage unit while the garage declutter is in progress.

2. Never store gasoline-powered equipment, petroleum products, flammable gasses, paint, fertilizer, pesticides or cleaning chemicals in the home.

3. Work at your own pace. The garage did not become cluttered in one day; do not expect reorganization to take place in one day, either.

4. Consider using garage organization systems to organize tools, sporting equipment, lawn and gardening tools. Everything should have a place.

5. Once the garage is organized, maintaining it should be a family affair. Set some ground rules, such as keeping the parking area free from clutter and putting tools and sporting equipment back in its place.

6. A garage that is free from clutter offers a setting for weekend or school projects with the kids and an opportunity to bond with family and friends.

For more information, visit www.pods.com

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Nominations sought for Messiest Garage Contest!!!!!!

Local radio listeners competing to win PODS Ultimate Garage Makeover

(Eastern Florida, Fla.) – From Aug. 16 – 29, 2010 listeners of WZZR-FM 94.3 in West Palm Beach, Fla. and WCZR 101.7 in Ft. Pierce, Fla. have been competing to win a PODS Ultimate Garage makeover. 

Listeners are sending in pictures of their messy garages along with stories of why they deserve a garage makeover. The stations are posting the top ten messiest garage photos on their websites and have asked listeners to go online and vote for their top pick. 

Voting ends at 5:30 pm on Friday, August 27 and the winner will be announced on the air on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The winner of the contest will receive a PODS Ultimate Garage Makeover donated by PODS Port St. Lucie and HouseWall Garage Systems.  PODS will donate a portable storage container to the winner’s home to be used while the makeover is taking place.

For more information or to nominate a messy garage, go to:

http://www.wavw.com/pages/promotions.html?feed=276947&article=7511022 or


Media Contact:

Consortium Media Services


Tina Vervoorn (805) 654-1564 x117

Adrienne Stephens (805) 654-1564 x116

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Long Distance Moving Solutions from PODS

PODS, the best move you’ll ever make.

PODS makes cross-country moving less stressful by removing some of the hassles and headaches from moving.

As industry experts, we know how stressful it can be to load everything you own in one day, which is why we give you all the time you need for your long distance move. When we deliver the empty container, you can take as much time as you need to load your belongings. When you finally settle in to your new home and complete your cross country move, you can take all the time you need to unload everything. Why rush and do everything in one day, when you can use PODS and take your time.

We bring it.
We bring an empty storage container right to you.

You pack it.

You load it up when you want to. When you’re ready, we pick up the container.

We store it.

We store it in one of our secure Storage Centers as long as you need it.

We move it.

We move it across town or across the country.

If you are moving out of state or across the country, then you may need to move and store your belongings. PODS has 230+ Storage Centers nationwide where you can store your loaded container between moves.

See our innovative process

In addition, PODS does all the driving, so you won’t need to worry about driving a rental truck on the interstate. Nationwide moving with a rental truck can be more costly than you might think. Add up the cost of fueling a large truck, and potential late fees along with other hidden costs, and you’ll see that national moving can be quite expensive. With PODS, our pricing is straightforward.

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