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Inconvenient Moving Observations


It’s Sunday and I am pulling out of my gated condo community. Just at the exit and across the street is a U-Haul truck parked. A few people are scrambling inside and carrying belongings down the ramp and across the street to the community I live. What? Why would they do this? Do you know how many extra steps this is? I actually snickered when I saw it, and then snapped a picture with my BlackBerry phone. (It is an actual picture by yours truly).

Do these people not know there is an easier way to move? They clearly did not read my blog and need to, desperately! I am the Diva on the Move. You are not. And this is why I exist – to bring enlightenment to the masses that are perplexed with moving, storage, remodeling and whatever else I can throw at you. I am here to help. PODS® is here to help you, too.

PODS makes moving so easy, blog fans. All you have to do is call for a scheduled delivery of a PODS® containerand ask the friendly driver place it where you desire (I highly recommend on your driveway with the open door facing your home). Next, start loading or unpacking at ground level. No ramps, no steps to climb or descend, and no streets to cross. Plus, you won’t blow out your pedometer tracking back and forth just to find your favorite pair of pink bunny slippers.

Ok, that last observation was for me.

The Moving Diva


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Moving Safety: Use Care when Lifting Heavy Items

It’s a fact: We tend to want to get things done quickly and often ignore safety precautions when it comes to lifting heavy objects such as appliances, sofas and bulky furniture.The beauty with using PODS® container for moves is that you can take all the time you need and not rush the process. Plus, loading is at ground level, which means no pushing uphill or ramps to navigate. In fact, PODS may actually be beneficial to your health!

The first rule of thumb when loading is to use some common sense safety tips to get the job done right and stay healthy!

1.  Test first, Lift second: When lifting a sofa, appliance or other big piece of furniture, squat down near a corner and carefully lift until the approximate weight can be assessed. Then set it down and come up with a game plan on how to best maneuver it to the PODS® container.

2.  Slip and Slide: Sliders are pieces of felt or round plastic discs placed under the legs or corners of furniture. With these in place, sliding heavier items across floors and carpets is easier than lifting, until you cross a threshold and need to carry it the rest of the way. 

3.  The Gloved One: It is a good idea to invest in a pair of heavy gloves and wear when lifting and moving heavy appliances. Many injuries occur when objects slip out of people’s hands. Gloves will enable you to get a better handle on the piece you are moving and make you less likely to drop things.

4.  Hello Dolly! Using moving dollies or hand trucks is highly suggested to prevent injury. Although these tools bear most of the weight, when you get to a doorway or other obstruction, you’ll need to figure out another way to move the piece to the PODS® container.

5.  Many hands make the load lighter: There is power in numbers, so gather the troops! Having sufficient manpower to lift and balance heavy objects can help with weight distribution in tough spots such as stairways, doors or small spaces.

Consider PODS® for your next move for the ultimate in flexibility on your schedule, your time and your rules. PODS®, The Best Moving & Storage Idea EVER!™

Visit PODS.com today for more information.

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Let PODS® Spice Up Your Next Move

Ingredients for baking a cake usually call for a tablespoon of vanilla extract. So I was thinking… about moving (Hello? I am a Diva on the Move!)

Look, when you’re preparing to move and there are boxes stacked all around your once tidy abode, it’s like you ripped open a bag of flour and it sprinkled everywhere. Moving is kind of like that bag of flour – a mess everywhere you look!

But what if I told you there is a secret recipe to avoiding the maze of moving boxes stacked against every nook and cranny in your home or garage? It comes in a nice package, is affordable, vanilla white in color and gives your move an extra kick. Need more clues? OK, it is one of the best moving and storage ideas, ever!

Did you guess? It’s a PODS® container. Vanilla on the outside, chock full of space on the inside with more than enough space to hold all of your moving boxes, furniture, personal goods and all of the Paula Deen bake ware you can handle.

There are three sizes of PODS® containers to fit the contents of your home. The largest, 12×16-feet, will transport an average 3-bedroom home. Learn more at PODS.com.

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PODS®: The Original Innovator of Portable Moving & Storage

Considering downsizing, organizing the garage for changing seasons or just plain streamlining your home? In need of a moving company that can handle long-distance relocations as well as moves across town? Do you need a short or long-term storage solution? Consider PODS® first. This is one company that can handle it all.

A national leader of moving and storage, PODS® containers are constructed of a steel frame and available in three sizes to fit your needs: approximately 7-by-7-by-8 feet, 12-by-8-by-8 feet and 16-by-8-by-8 feet. Using its patented PODZILLA® lift system the container is gently placed on the ground or on a PODS transport truck for highway travel to your destination or nearest PODS Storage Center – state-of-the-art warehouses designed specifically for PODS.

Founded in 1998, PODS currently provides moving and storage services to a population of more than 245 million consumers and businesses, in 48 U.S. states, Canada, Australia and the UK, through its company-owned and independent franchise network. To date, the PODS network has completed more than 300,000 long-distance relocations, exceeded 1,600,000 deliveries and has nearly 141,000 PODS® containers in service.

For more information or to schedule service, visit pods.com or call 800-776-7637.

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Providing Experienced Disaster Recovery Planning and Assistance to Communities in Need

What began as an innovative moving and storage service in 1998 has evolved into a disaster recovery solution for government, social service agencies, businesses and homeowners.

The PODS® Rapid Response Team was formed to protect and salvage the possessions of citizens ravaged by storm or disaster. Pre-event or post-event, PODS® containers can be used to transport food, water and medical supplies to impacted areas or as a storage container for household items and assets of homeowners and businesses.

Safe and secure. PODS® containers can be stored onsite, conditions permitting, or at one of our nearby PODS secure Storage Centers. You have the only key to your PODS® container. Your belongings are safe and protected.

Rapid deployment into impacted areas. PODS can respond promptly to the needs of residents, businesses and government entities. PODS® containers can also be staged in advance of a disaster to increase response times.

Competent, trained drivers. Our drivers are specially trained to handle emergency road and delivery conditions.

Rugged and weather-resistant. PODS®containers are made of steel frame construction with a water-resistant seal and can withstand winds up to 110 mph when partially filled.

PODS is part of every local community it serves. Franchises support local organizations and nonprofits and participate in philanthropy. We care about the people we live and work with and are here to help in unpredictable events.

To date, PODS has made more than 1.6 million deliveries and completed over 300,000 long-distance moves. With PODS in locations across the U.S., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, franchises serve more than 22,000 cities and 240 million consumers and businesses.

PODS®, The Best Moving & Storage Idea EVER!™ Visit PODS.com today for more information.

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Migrating snowbirds find a welcome home with PODS®

Snowbird (noun) is defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary as “one who travels to warm climates for the winter.”

Many snowbirds today maintain residences in two or more different cities or states, traveling throughout the year to warmer climates. If I was a snowbird (but alas, I am not), I would want to bring lots of things with me for the winter – stuff that won’t fit in a suitcase or my mid-size SUV, which I also want to bring with me.

How can I bring my car, all my stuff, pets, furniture, golf clubs and big umbrella? There are evidently 3 choices: Call a traditional moving company ($$$$$), rent a truck and drive the entire route ($$$$) or I can call PODS® ($$). Located in 48 U.S. states across the country I know there is a PODS franchise that can deliver directly to where I’m going to roost for the winter and I won’t have to spend all of my green to do it.

The Moving Diva

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Quick Tips for an Organized Garage

As life progresses we acquire items of all shapes and sizes. Often, when these items outlast their usefulness, they up in the garage. A messy garage can create frustration and potential hazards.

Now is the perfect time to clear the clutter in preparation of warmer weather and summer fun – a time when surfboards, swim gear and camping equipment are put to use! Organizing a garage can be done in stages, but first things first: Make a plan!

1. Divide the garage into zones: storage, charity, garage sale and trash. To help streamline the process and keep items safe during the process, call PODS® to deliver a PODS® container right to your garage door.

2. Loading the PODS® container at ground level is easy, so work at your own pace. The garage didn’t become cluttered in one day so don’t expect reorganization to take place in one day, either.

3. Consider using garage organization systems to organize tools, sporting equipment, lawn and gardening tools.

4. Once the garage is organized, set ground rules for ongoing maintenance such as keeping the parking area clear and putting tools and sporting equipment back in assigned places after use.

A garage free from clutter offers a setting for weekend or school projects with the kids and an opportunity to bond with family and friends.

For more information, visit PODS.com.

The Moving Diva

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Help at Hand: Packing and Loading your PODS® Container

Moving and storing with PODS®  is more convenient and less stressful than other alternatives. Some of our customers prefer to pack, load and unload their own belongings, but you don’t need to do everything yourself. So, if you choose to utilize packing and loading services, you can contact Moving Staffers or United Mayflower Labor Services to get quotes and additional information, or you can select your own packing and loading provider.

PODS wants your moving and storage experience to be the very best. Whether you want to pack and load the easy stuff, and let the professionals do the rest, is entirely up to you. The choice is yours. Once your things are properly packed and ready for pick up, you lock the PODS® container and keep the only key.

We also sell moving kits and supplies in a variety of packages. PODS can deliver these items with your PODS® container or send to you in advance. Contact us to place your order. It’s that simple!

Deliver. Pack. Store. Move!

We deliver an empty PODS® container at your convenience. You fill the container your way, at your pace, and call us when you’re ready for pick-up. We then can store your PODS® container in one of our secure Storage Centers for as long as needed or transport your PODS® container across town, or across country to your new destination.

PODS, The Best Moving & Storage Idea EVER!

Visit PODS.com today for more information.


Tina Vervoorn is an accredited journalist with more than 10 years of editorial and industry experience. She currently serves as public relations manager and chief blog correspondent at Consortium Media Services. To contact the author, visit www.consortium-media.com.

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PODS franchisees join together to donate to Toys for Tots of Boston

PODS Enterprises are coming together to help Toys for Tots in Boston after a terrible incident happened over the weekend, toys were stolen from the container that we suppose to be delivered to the children, see how you can help make sure these children have a Merry Christmas.

(Clearwater, Fla.) – PODS Enterprises, Inc. and its franchise network have come together to provide cash donations to the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots in Boston after thieves broke into a container on Dec. 18 that was stored on-site at a Toys for Tots location.

“Any theft is a violation but stealing toys that were intended for underprivileged children is particularly offensive,” said George Spowart, PODS vice president of marketing. “This unfortunate situation has given an opportunity to the Boston community, as they so often do, to rally behind a cause. We are proud that our Boston franchise and other PODS´ franchisees have rallied by donating additional containers as well as money and presents to try to right this wrong.”

This holiday season PODS franchisees and corporate-owned locations across the U.S. have donated more than 150 containers to serve as collection points for the Toys for Tots program. The first wave of donated PODS containers was delivered in early October 2010.

“It´s heartwarming to have so many of our fellow PODS franchisees from across the country pitch in and add to our $1,000 donation to help jump-start the collection process,” said Tim Greene, manager of the PODS franchise in Boston. “Toys for Tots has been a big part of our annual giving back to the community program and we are happy to help out in any way we can.”

“We are terribly disappointed this happened but are thrilled with the response of the Boston community and PODS,” said Bill Grein, USMC Toys for Tots Foundation vice president of marketing and a retired U.S. Marine. “This kind of community involvement is exactly why we developed a relationship with PODS.”

The objectives of the annual Toys for Tots drive are to help children in need experience the joy of Christmas, to nurture the development of children, to unite members of local communities in a common cause and to contribute to the future betterment of communities. In the 63 years since the Toys for Tots program began, the U.S. Marine Corps has distributed more than 419 million toys to more than 195 million underprivileged children.

PODS interview contacts:

PODS of Boston

Tim Greene, franchise owner-operator

Mike Greene, franchise owner-operator

(407) 948-5390



Media content provided by: Consortium Media Services

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we will continue to help make sure kids have a Merry Christmas, and wishing all of you a Merry Christmas from PODS.

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Single? Looking For A Change? Check Out The List Of Cities Perfect For Singles

Looking for a city that is perfect for singles? Forbes took into a few factors and surveyed the best cities to live for singles.

According to Forbes, the ultimate in scoring cities on livability, singles look at the following factors in choosing their best place to live:

Culture: Forbes looked at the number of cultural events and places per capita. Included in their list were the number of live theaters, concert venues, sport teams, and museums. They also included in this category the number of colleges and universities, which would definitely add flavor to a city with their own brand of theater, film and art exhibits.

Coolness: Coolness factor definitely needs to be included. While this is a difficult concept to truly define since it means different things to different people, a polling company conducted a survey of adults from across the U.S. and asked them which cities do they think are the coolest?

Online Dating: The number of online dating forums and companies were determined by the number of the number of active profiles for each city as listed on dating site Yahoo! Personals.

Nightlife: For nightlife, Forbes included the number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs per capita.

Cost Of Living Alone: This is always an issue when moving to another city; can you afford the price of an apartment? To determine the cost of living alone, Forbes averaged out the cost of rent, pizza, the price of a movie ticket and the cost of beer. What they also took into consideration was salary, based on an entry-level position.

Job Growth: Forbes included job growth for each metropolitan area over the next five years.

 Forbes’ Top 5 Places to Live for Singles

1.San Francisco-Oakland We used to live in San Francisco and can attest to its magnificence. While Forbes states that 34% of city residents are not married, if you venture out of the metro’s core, into the Bay area, including Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose and the valley, you’ll probably find even more singles.

 2.New York With 33% of the over 14 million New Yorker’s, there are probably a lot of “Sex and the City” scenarios happening each and every night. And in terms of a cool factor, it’s difficult to get any cooler. 

 3.Los Angeles At the Forbes’ site they list the top bachelor and bachelorette for each city. While most of the cities listed, include the semi-famous or even people you may never have heard of, Los Angeles is in its own ranking with George Clooney and Cameron Diaz being the top singles in that town. If that has you a little down in terms of the competition, the city boasts of having a single population of 35%. 

 4.Atlanta Atlanta is a city that has so much to offer and with a cost of living alone so much cheaper than the previous ranked metropolitans, it’s worth checking out. The city’s single population is 32%. 

 5.Chicago Chicago, with 33% of its 6,453,960 population base being single and with a slightly lower cost of living alone than San Francisco and New York, this is a good bet for anyone seeking a cool place to be. And of course, culturally speaking, there’s a lot to see and do in this hip and happening town.

Source: By , About.com Guide

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