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Take a Spring Break with PODS

Remember the days when “spring break” meant taking a vacation to a beach destination? You know, that halfway break between winter and summer to relax and rejuvenate with the family. Where have those days gone? Sometimes, it is no fun being an adult.

A few years ago I took a week vacation from work and stayed home for spring break with my kids. It was a week I took to get organized because let’s face it there just is no time to get down and dirty with the household unless you have a big chunk of time, and I needed a big chunk of time.

I didn’t own a truck and the nearest mini storage center was 10 miles away. This posed a major inconvenience. So, I called PODS®. Amazingly, they delivered a PODS® container the first morning of spring break and the kids and I got to work. Incentives to helping mom included afternoons at the beach or local amusement park, and fun sprinkled throughout the week to give us all respite.

It took more than a week, however. For 3 weeks, the sturdy PODS® container sat in our driveway while I took the time to do things right. There was no driver standing by in a truck and no 20-mile round-trips in the car to load and unload boxes into a storage unit. Instead, I had everything a few steps away with access 24/7. Talk about giving mom a break!

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PODS Moving and Storage: Helping Your Business Thrive

Recently, I received an email from a reader of this blog who is aligned with PODS® . In his e-mail, he wrote that PODS had recently helped with a storage and retrieval project.

“Please let me take this opportunity to thank you and Manny for your cooperation in helping us through this storage and retrieval project. You and your company have been more than professional in every way. It is always a pleasure when plans come together the way one wishes, and with your help, our plans did just that.

Rest assured, I will recommend PODS to anyone who needs the service you offer and you may feel free to use me as a reference.”

We aren’t one’s to toot our own horn, but we love making our customers happy. Kinda like when you get a great haircut, or a nice car wash, with PODS, we will make your move or storage process as easy and convenient as possible.

How has PODS helped your business grow? Tell me your story at: movingdiva@gmail.com

–The Moving Diva

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What if NASCAR’S Jeff Gordon raced the PODS® truck?

I am a huge NASCAR fan. HUGE! And, to the chagrin of many fellow fans, I also am a Jeff Gordon fan (stop boo-ing me!).

Remember that advertising campaign with Dale Jarrett and UPS? For several years, UPS persuaded Dale to race the UPS truck instead of his 800-hp stockcar. Dale didn’t want to, but at the end of the season, he drove that delivery truck around Daytona. In light of this, I would like to see Jeff Gordon race the PODS® truck (stop laughing).

Just picture it… hot flames and a big No. 24 on the door panels of the PODS truck racing down the checkered flag in the Sprint Cup. Take the high line Jimmie Johnson. No bump and runs Kyle Busch. Don’t even try to draft this PODZILLA® Juan Pablo Montoya. This race win is for Jeff. Go PODS! Go 24!

To see more, visit PODS.com or NASCAR.com.

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