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Time to remodel your home? Here are 5 tips to help get you

As exciting as the idea of a newly remodeled home might seem, the process can be unpredictable and overwhelming when construction begins.

PODS® is a great solution for homeowners since the storage containers can be placed onsite as close as your driveway. Why is this important? Because it allows immediate access and eliminates trips to an offsite storage facility, saving you time and money!

5 Tips:

1.         Plan ahead and do plenty of research. Tour homes and showrooms for ideas you might like to incorporate into your remodel. Keep a file of clippings you like.

2.         Prepare for the unexpected by leaving extra money in your budget and additional time for unforeseen problems, because they always do.

3.         Rely on the experts. Major reconstruction requires a licensed contractor to ensure your home is compliant with building codes. Contact your local association or union for referrals.

4.         Since PODS is the best moving and storage idea, ever — rent a PODS® container  to store your personal belongings and household items during the renovation.

5.         Keep and open mind during the remodel process. Remember, soon you will be able to relax and enjoy all of your hard work!

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