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With PODS® You Don’t Need a Truck to Move!

Imagine my surprise to discover that someone on Planet Earth actually has no idea what PODS® is, or what they do (insert my rolling eyes here).

A friend was at a chamber breakfast last week and won a gift certificate for 6 months of free storage at a local PODS storage center. When she called and asked me if I knew what PODS was I almost fell off my chair. She said there was no way she could use the prize because she didn’t have a truck to take everything to the storage center.

Ok folks, here we go…..

ME: Delores! You do not have to drive anywhere! They bring a PODS® storage container to your house when you schedule and deliver to your driveway if that’s where you want it placed. You can keep it for a few days or a few weeks and load whatever you want inside. Then PODS will pick it up and transport it back to their really big garage and keep it for 6 months.

DELORES: Oh, really. I did not know that, I thought we had to use a truck like the other storage places. So the PODS people will come to my house and I don’t have to drive it anywhere?

ME: No! It is awesome! So, are you going to keep your prize?

DELORES: Oh, yes! My husband will be so happy about this!

ME: Yay for PODS!

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Providing the freedom to move, PODS goes where you go

I fly often across several states and often pre-plan my trips to visit family. Like most frequent flyers, I much prefer booking a nonstop flight from Point A to Point B. There are literally thousands of airline flights to fit my schedule. It is staggering, but when I sift through all the listings and can book the flight I want at a price I can live with, I am satisfied.

It occurred to me on a recent flight that PODS® also allows its customers to transport all their stuff from one place to another, booking a storage container when they need it and at a great price, too.

Here is how it’s done: You order a PODS® container. It is delivered when you want. You pack it up at your leisure, lock it and call PODS for retrieval. Then, sit back and enjoy your peanuts and pretzels as your belongings are transported to your final destination (new home, new college ornew city).

PODS, like my nonstop flight, is direct shot from Point A to Point B, and this is something customers can get onboard with and appreciate.

More peanuts, please.

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What’s in a name? Plenty if you’re talking about PODS® containers and AFL star James Podsiadly

Ok, first look at this web link, then come back and read me. Go ahead. I will wait.


Done? Ok.

“Perfect PODS?” You knew that headline would get my attention!

Australian Football League star James Podsiadly, a goal kicker for the Geelong Cats and PODS are a perfect play!

Whether it’s a soccer star or moving and storage star, PODS® containers can help you score the perfect goal on moving day – across town or across the country.

No referee required.

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