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PODS® is One Smooth Operator

Pretty much anything that disrupts a household in a major inconvenient way is not pleasant. Where we usually have a routine to getting kids ready for school or ourselves ready for work, the flow is redirected, and not in a good way.

I don’t like not being without my belongings for a long period of time, but when a kitchen fire broke out (I promise it was not my cooking that did it!) we were forced to enlist contractors for a remodel. Along with walls and flooring, our furniture and personal belongings needed to be removed from the downstairs living areas.

There was no place to store all of this stuff in the garage so we called PODS.  We had a 12-foot storage container delivered to our home, which we promptly loaded so construction could commence. A few days later the container was picked up and taken to the PODS® storage center about 15 miles away.

A month later, we had a new kitchen. Our storage container was re-delivered with all of our furniture still tucked inside just as we packed it. Thanks to PODS patented lift called PODZILLA® not one thing shifted or toppled over to or from each destination.

PODS is one smooth operator, but not in a Barry White kind of way.

The Moving Diva

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