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Inconvenient Moving Observations


It’s Sunday and I am pulling out of my gated condo community. Just at the exit and across the street is a U-Haul truck parked. A few people are scrambling inside and carrying belongings down the ramp and across the street to the community I live. What? Why would they do this? Do you know how many extra steps this is? I actually snickered when I saw it, and then snapped a picture with my BlackBerry phone. (It is an actual picture by yours truly).

Do these people not know there is an easier way to move? They clearly did not read my blog and need to, desperately! I am the Diva on the Move. You are not. And this is why I exist – to bring enlightenment to the masses that are perplexed with moving, storage, remodeling and whatever else I can throw at you. I am here to help. PODS® is here to help you, too.

PODS makes moving so easy, blog fans. All you have to do is call for a scheduled delivery of a PODS® containerand ask the friendly driver place it where you desire (I highly recommend on your driveway with the open door facing your home). Next, start loading or unpacking at ground level. No ramps, no steps to climb or descend, and no streets to cross. Plus, you won’t blow out your pedometer tracking back and forth just to find your favorite pair of pink bunny slippers.

Ok, that last observation was for me.

The Moving Diva


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