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Determining the cost of your move

There are many factors that will affect the cost of your move. Be sure to carefully consider these, and be prepared to find more along the way:

  • Size: The overall weight of your move can affect the price with some companies. Generally portable storage is not weight based, however with professional movers, often the heavier the move, the more it’s going to cost.
  • Distance: The number of miles you’re traveling can influence its cost greatly, as can your final destination. Keep in mind that some moving companies only serve a certain region.
  • Time: The time of year you need to move will also have an effect on your bottom line. Moving during peak times, such as the summer or holidays, often means that you’ll pay more. If you have the luxury of time, try to plan at less busy times. Look for specials during unpopular periods.
  • Level of service: Hiring a moving company to complete a “full-service” move – one where they not only transport your household items, but also pack and unpack them – will be significantly more expensive than a “self-service” move. Make sure you’re aware of the varying level of service available for your move and what works best for you.  Many times, people forget that self-moving has several levels of service available to meet your budget as well.
  • Insurance: Be sure to consider insuring your move against mishaps or even disasters. Keep in mind that moves you do yourself are usually limited to $25,000 insurance, and cover only damage caused by disasters such as auto accidents or fires.
  • Storage: Make sure to calculate if your new residence will be able to accommodate all of your belongings.  Many times, the couch you’ve had since college won’t fit in your new living room (or relationship) but hasn’t used enough duct tape to be sent to the trash bin.  Having the ability to store your extra belongings, even in the short term as you decide how to layout your new interior, is often overlooked when moving.

Taking some time to determine what your move will actually and honestly cost you will save you from a lot of the stress of moving, and will insure that you’ll be that much happier in your destination.

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