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Flexibility is Key to Escrow Process

You just bought your new home and the buying process with the Realtor, mortgage company and escrow service are all in motion. Packing is well underway and you have determined what you can live with over the next few weeks rather than packing everything in boxes. You have a closing date and everyone in the family is excited. Everything is a go, or so you think.

The exact date of escrow these days can sometimes shift by a day, a week or even several weeks. Where does that leave you? You have presumably already provided a moving date at the current residence, the utilities have been scheduled for disconnection and switched to your new location, items you use daily are in boxes and the moving company has been prepaid to show up on a predetermined day. Now, the moving date has been delayed a few weeks, the movers can not show up on your new date, you lose your moving deposit, and you find yourself in transition – between homes – needing temporary storage.

The problem? Escrow was delayed with no confirmed date provided, leaving your family in limbo. Solution, call PODS, to store everything until the new home closed, then had the PODS containers delivered to her new address.”

Moving can be stressful on families during this hectic time. If you are not exact on your date, or the date changes, PODS can accommodate moving and storage needs on your timeframe, leaving you in control of the move. PODS offers the following tips to homeowners.

5 tips to remaining flexible during a move:
1. Expect the unexpected. A closing escrow date is never guaranteed until you have signed all documents and are officially presented with keys to your residence.
2. Plan ahead when packing your home. Label each box clearly and keep a list of items in 3. Do not pack items you may need to use on a daily basis. Items to hold out until moving day include personal hygiene, medications, at least one week of clothing, phone books and a folder with all moving records.
4. Stay connected. Leave your home computer connected until the actual moving day to allow for important communication.
5. Let there be light (and heat). Allow for overlapping services with electric, gas and other utilities to avoid shut-off while you are still in residence.

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