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Single? Looking For A Change? Check Out The List Of Cities Perfect For Singles

Looking for a city that is perfect for singles? Forbes took into a few factors and surveyed the best cities to live for singles.

According to Forbes, the ultimate in scoring cities on livability, singles look at the following factors in choosing their best place to live:

Culture: Forbes looked at the number of cultural events and places per capita. Included in their list were the number of live theaters, concert venues, sport teams, and museums. They also included in this category the number of colleges and universities, which would definitely add flavor to a city with their own brand of theater, film and art exhibits.

Coolness: Coolness factor definitely needs to be included. While this is a difficult concept to truly define since it means different things to different people, a polling company conducted a survey of adults from across the U.S. and asked them which cities do they think are the coolest?

Online Dating: The number of online dating forums and companies were determined by the number of the number of active profiles for each city as listed on dating site Yahoo! Personals.

Nightlife: For nightlife, Forbes included the number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs per capita.

Cost Of Living Alone: This is always an issue when moving to another city; can you afford the price of an apartment? To determine the cost of living alone, Forbes averaged out the cost of rent, pizza, the price of a movie ticket and the cost of beer. What they also took into consideration was salary, based on an entry-level position.

Job Growth: Forbes included job growth for each metropolitan area over the next five years.

 Forbes’ Top 5 Places to Live for Singles

1.San Francisco-Oakland We used to live in San Francisco and can attest to its magnificence. While Forbes states that 34% of city residents are not married, if you venture out of the metro’s core, into the Bay area, including Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose and the valley, you’ll probably find even more singles.

 2.New York With 33% of the over 14 million New Yorker’s, there are probably a lot of “Sex and the City” scenarios happening each and every night. And in terms of a cool factor, it’s difficult to get any cooler. 

 3.Los Angeles At the Forbes’ site they list the top bachelor and bachelorette for each city. While most of the cities listed, include the semi-famous or even people you may never have heard of, Los Angeles is in its own ranking with George Clooney and Cameron Diaz being the top singles in that town. If that has you a little down in terms of the competition, the city boasts of having a single population of 35%. 

 4.Atlanta Atlanta is a city that has so much to offer and with a cost of living alone so much cheaper than the previous ranked metropolitans, it’s worth checking out. The city’s single population is 32%. 

 5.Chicago Chicago, with 33% of its 6,453,960 population base being single and with a slightly lower cost of living alone than San Francisco and New York, this is a good bet for anyone seeking a cool place to be. And of course, culturally speaking, there’s a lot to see and do in this hip and happening town.

Source: By , About.com Guide

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Long Roadtrip? How You Can Keep The Kids Entertained

Whether near or far, traveling with kids brings its own set of challenges. Regardless of whether you are embarking by plane, train, or automobile, anything longer than an hour or so will inevitably result in antsy kids and “are we there yet?” whines. Moving can be stressful and here at PODS we help ease that stress, but moving along with kids can add a different kind of worry, so in attempt here are some key tips to help make your drive or flight easier to your new home.

Whether you’re driving or flying, DVDs, video games, music, and other media can be crucial to keeping your kids entertained on the trip. Be careful not to pack away the Game Boy or portable DVD player, and remind your kids to keep their iPods or other music players where they’re easily accessible.

Just as important as packing the players is packing the items to play—you don’t want to start your cross-country trip only to discover that your four-year-old is the only one who remembered to bring the  DVD: Toy Story which may have been entertaining, but twenty hours of it will get on anyone’s nerves (except the four-year-old’s…). So make sure you have a variety of movies something that everyone can enjoy.

Books and magazines are also great ways to stay busy during a long trip. Consider letting each child pick out a new book, magazine, CD, video game, or DVD to keep him or her entertained during the trip. This will help avoid boredom and give yet another incentive to be excited about the move.

And in latest news, in an attempt to ease some of the hassles of traveling – especially when battling the legions of fellow travelers during the holiday season – the following is a list is just a few of iPhone apps for making that long journey a little easier.

Pack and go deluxe

Before the journey even begins, packing yourself and other family members requires a great deal of organization. If you’re traveling with young children, things get more complicated when there are essentials like diapers, wipes, formula, bottles and baby food that you need with you. This app enables you to pick from a master catalogue of hundreds of items and create your own lists to ensure nothing gets left behind.

Rest area finder

Use this app to help find the nearest rest stops along the way.

Family Car Games

Family Car Games is a fun, interactive application for the entire family to enjoy on those long car rides. There are 100 options available including guessing games, word games, car radio games, and memory games. It also includes a fun spinner function that picks games for you at random.

Family Matters

Family Matters is an app that is designed to encourage interaction with them. With a multitude of questions and activities, the goal of this app is to spawn meaningful conversation and engagement.


iStoryTime offers an array of whimsical and delightfully illustrated books for kids aged 2-7.


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Organizing Tips

Organization, seems like a pretty basic concept but for some it doesn’t come that easy. You always catch yourself saying I will get to it tomorrow, or “I’ll wear it someday, lets keep it!” Then before you know it stuff begins to pile up and pile up and next you’re looking at a room or a garage that has no floor. Here are some organizing ideas that can help you begin thinking about ways to make your life easier and more organized for you and those around you.

1. Determine your goals. Before you start anything, determine its goal. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever get there? Set mini-goals and reward yourself for successes. Use goals to help you set deadlines and stay organized. 

2. Declutter your desk. A clutter-free desk erases unnecessary distractions and helps keep your mind on tasks that need immediate attention. Keep only the items on your desk that relate to your current projects.

3. Don’t rely on your memory. You run the risk of letting things fall through the cracks. The best way to never forget an appointment, a deadline, an event or a detail again, is to write everything down. Keep a note pad, or a folder with all your lists so you have something to reference when you can’t remember.

4. Consolidate similar activities. Instead of starting and stopping at different levels of activity, you’ll save time by making all of your outgoing telephone calls together, taking care of all your errands at once, etc.

5. Clean out your files. Before you go through the expense of purchasing more file cabinets, folders, etc., take the time to purge all unnecessary paperwork and materials. Make sure to shred any personal information, the last thing your going to want is someone getting a hold of your personal information.

6. Use one calendar. The biggest mistake people make when using planning calendars is to have one for personal, another for the office, and yet another for the family. Keep personal, professional and family items on one calendar. It will help to eliminate scheduling conflicts. Remember, “The man who wears two watches, never knows the correct time.”

7. Reduce telephone tag. Plan telephone calls (whether to doctors, plumbers, clients, etc.) whenever possible. Have all necessary materials in front of you. Write key questions down in advance.

8. Set up files for projects. Don’t waste time searching for papers. Keep all paperwork that pertains to a certain project together in one large folder. Get creative with this sometimes color coordinating can make things more organized and faster when searching for that particular folder.

9. Make phone calls more productive. Say, “I’ve got only 5 minutes to talk.” Outline your calls, Say, ‘I’d like to discuss these 2 possible solutions to problem A ….”

10. Make appointments for YOU. Make at least one screened appointment with yourself each day. Screened time is quiet, uninterrupted time allowing you to concentrate on a project or catch up on your reading.

Let PODS help you we can store your belongings right at your home or at one of our secure warehouses, use it for as short or as long as you need. We allow you to pack at your own pace. PODS is the Best Moving and Storage Idea Ever. For more information contact your local PODS at www.pods.com

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