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PODS offers 6 tips for an organized garage


As life progresses, we tend to acquire items of all shapes and sizes. Often, when items have outlasted their usefulness, they are placed in the garage. The garage can be an amazing resource for the home, but a messy garage can cause frustration and can even be dangerous.

The idea of cleaning out the garage may be unpleasant, but now is the perfect time to clear out the clutter in preparation of warmer weather and summer fun—a time when surfboards, swim gear and camping equipment are put to use!

Throughout the year, it is easy to allow items to accumulate in the garage. Organizing a garage can be done in stages. Consider these helpful hints:

1. Make a plan to reduce the number of items stored in the garage. Divide the garage into zones: Storage Zone, Charity Zone, Garage Sale Zone and Trash Zone. Relocate zoned items to a PODS storage unit while the garage declutter is in progress.

2. Never store gasoline-powered equipment, petroleum products, flammable gasses, paint, fertilizer, pesticides or cleaning chemicals in the home.

3. Work at your own pace. The garage did not become cluttered in one day; do not expect reorganization to take place in one day, either.

4. Consider using garage organization systems to organize tools, sporting equipment, lawn and gardening tools. Everything should have a place.

5. Once the garage is organized, maintaining it should be a family affair. Set some ground rules, such as keeping the parking area free from clutter and putting tools and sporting equipment back in its place.

6. A garage that is free from clutter offers a setting for weekend or school projects with the kids and an opportunity to bond with family and friends.

For more information, visit www.pods.com

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Nominations sought for Messiest Garage Contest!!!!!!

Local radio listeners competing to win PODS Ultimate Garage Makeover

(Eastern Florida, Fla.) – From Aug. 16 – 29, 2010 listeners of WZZR-FM 94.3 in West Palm Beach, Fla. and WCZR 101.7 in Ft. Pierce, Fla. have been competing to win a PODS Ultimate Garage makeover. 

Listeners are sending in pictures of their messy garages along with stories of why they deserve a garage makeover. The stations are posting the top ten messiest garage photos on their websites and have asked listeners to go online and vote for their top pick. 

Voting ends at 5:30 pm on Friday, August 27 and the winner will be announced on the air on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The winner of the contest will receive a PODS Ultimate Garage Makeover donated by PODS Port St. Lucie and HouseWall Garage Systems.  PODS will donate a portable storage container to the winner’s home to be used while the makeover is taking place.

For more information or to nominate a messy garage, go to:

http://www.wavw.com/pages/promotions.html?feed=276947&article=7511022 or


Media Contact:

Consortium Media Services


Tina Vervoorn (805) 654-1564 x117

Adrienne Stephens (805) 654-1564 x116

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Long Distance Moving Solutions from PODS

PODS, the best move you’ll ever make.

PODS makes cross-country moving less stressful by removing some of the hassles and headaches from moving.

As industry experts, we know how stressful it can be to load everything you own in one day, which is why we give you all the time you need for your long distance move. When we deliver the empty container, you can take as much time as you need to load your belongings. When you finally settle in to your new home and complete your cross country move, you can take all the time you need to unload everything. Why rush and do everything in one day, when you can use PODS and take your time.

We bring it.
We bring an empty storage container right to you.

You pack it.

You load it up when you want to. When you’re ready, we pick up the container.

We store it.

We store it in one of our secure Storage Centers as long as you need it.

We move it.

We move it across town or across the country.

If you are moving out of state or across the country, then you may need to move and store your belongings. PODS has 230+ Storage Centers nationwide where you can store your loaded container between moves.

See our innovative process

In addition, PODS does all the driving, so you won’t need to worry about driving a rental truck on the interstate. Nationwide moving with a rental truck can be more costly than you might think. Add up the cost of fueling a large truck, and potential late fees along with other hidden costs, and you’ll see that national moving can be quite expensive. With PODS, our pricing is straightforward.

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One of the first PODS franchise owners, Bob Eales, is industry leader, innovator

JACKSONVILLE, Fl.) – As one of the first PODS® franchise owners in the United States, Bob Eales is considered by many to be an industry leader. In 1998, when Eales was first introduced to the concept of portable on-demand storage (PODS), he immediately recognized that the innovative moving and storage idea would become the wave of the future.

“PODS’ simple concept of allowing customers the flexibility to fill their PODS container on-site and at their own pace is ingenious,” said Eales. “From the very beginning, I knew that this business idea made perfect sense and wanted to be a part of it.”

In September 2000, two years after being first introduced to PODS, Eales opened the doors to his first franchise location in Daytona Beach, Fl. The following year he opened two more Florida locations, one in Jacksonville and the other in Melbourne. Port St. Lucie is home to his fourth location, which opened in January 2004.

The PODS business model allows customers to fill a PODS container at their own pace and then either store it on site, secure it in a climate-controlled storage center or move it across town or across the country. From the translucent top, which allows ambient light to pass through and illuminate the inside, to the patented Podzilla lift system that can deliver a PODS container right to your front door, PODS containers are uniquely designed to make moving and storage easy.

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In ten years Eales´ organization grew from 17,000-square-feet of warehouse space to over 154,000-square-feet of space today. Eales, working with his store managers, now serves a large section of eastern Florida that covers over 250 miles. “Ten years ago we had four employees. Today, we employ 25 people and hope to continue growing in the future,” said Joe Lourcey, manager of the Melbourne and Port St. Lucie Storage centers.

PODS containers are made of steel frame construction with an aluminum skin. The 12-foot and 16-foot containers can withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour when partially filled.

For information about PODS, call (386) 274-2378.

PODS Locations:

PODS Greater Daytona Beach Area Storage Center, 1590 Jimmy Ann Drive

PODS Greater Jacksonville Area Storage Center, 8498 Mallory Road

PODS Greater Melbourne Area Storage Center, 3101 Skyway Circle

PODS Greater Port St Lucie Area Storage Center, 601 Mercantile Place, NW

Information: PODS.com, or call (386) 274-2378


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100 MORE reasons to join the PODS revolution!

  1. Clean and secure Storage Centers
  2. Our containers have translucent roofs, so they are well lit for easy loading
  3. 80% of agents feel that decluttering can reduce the sell time by up to 2 months
  4. PODS® containers are weather resistant, and can withstand winds of up to 100 miles an hour when only partially loaded
  5. Our containers are made of steel framed construction with aluminum skinned panels
  6. Storage unit is brought directly to the customer
  7. A decluttered home can sell faster
  8. A decluttered home can sell for a higher price
  9. A clutter-free home looks spacious; the results can be greater home sale profit for you!
  10. Pods can move you just about anywhere in 48 U.S. states including Hawaii, and throughout Canada, England and Australia
  11. PODS moves clients from Maine to California and Seattle to Miami—across the country, not just in your neighborhood
  12. Servicing more than 20,000 cities in the U.S.
  13. PODS is much more convenient than self storage
  14. No hidden costs with PODS like there are with rental trucks and movers
  15. Remodeling after you move in?  PODS containers are the perfect solution for protecting your belongings or for storing your project tools
  16. Your clients can visit our website, mylocalpods.com, for storage tips, solutions and videos
  17. 98% of agents surveyed who have used PODS think we helped with the sale
  18. PODS is much easier than renting a truck
  19. PODS is easier than driving a truck, because PODS does all the driving
  20. PODS costs less than movers
  21. PODS lets you pack at your own pace, not jam it all in one day
  22. You can store your belongings for as long as you want in between moves
  23. PODS are the same affordable price for 1 day or 30
  24. If it rains on moving day you can just do it the next day
  25. PODS has ground-level loading
  26. Only you touch your things with PODS
  27. PODS has a state-of-the-art tracking system, so we always know where your container is
  28. PODZILLA is awesome! Our containers stay level at all times
  29. PODZILLA is fun to watch
  30. Our drivers are friendly
  31. 80% of rental agents believe decluttering will help sell a home faster and for more money
  32. 30% of your people who are moving will declutter their home
  33. You don’t have to be home for delivery or pick up.
  34. Partnering with a category leader is great all around
  35. Call us and we’ll visit your office with donuts if you ask..
  36. Our keychains are better.  Seriously.  Have you seen them?
  37. Call center is open 7am to 1am EST
  38. PODS is an excellent solution for employee relocation—we’ll store your stuff while you look for a new house
  39. No rickety ramps
  40. No creepy warehouse to go to
  41. We can refer you to people for help with items like cars and flat screen TV’s
  42. Agents love PODS — Visit our website for agent testimonials
  43. Consumers love PODS — Visit our website for customer testimonials
  44. Not all Real Estate agents can offer PODS discounts… find one who does!
  45. You can have the advantage of receiving discounted PODS pricing when using one of our real estate partners
  46. We even extend the PODS discounted rate to your  agent, should they need to move or store
  47. Centralized PODS call center for your clients to coordinate their move though
  48. More than 2,000,000 deliveries and pick-ups without dropping a container
  49. PODS dedicated customer service agents handle your (real estate agents) questions
  50. We provide use of PODS print collateral to enhance your sales package
  51. Coordinating a corporate move? We offer relocation services
  52. Staging a home can shorten the sales cycle by 50% and increase the sale price by 17%. PODS revolutionized the moving and storage industry by introducing the concept of portable storage containers
  53. We can recommend packers and loaders for clients who need full service
  54. You’ll never have to parallel park a PODS container
  55. Our drivers are highly trained and skilled
  56. Tie downs located throughout the container
  57. We really, really want to help you sell your home
  58. We’re the official moving and storage company of the PGA TOUR.
  59. We’re a great value
  60. Contents Protection options are available—up to $300,000 of coverage per container
  61. Three container sizes available to accommodate any size move: 7’, 12’ and 16’ containers
  62. You can use more than one container to handle virtually any amount of belongings
  63. Drive to your new home in the comfort and safety of your own car rather than a rental truck
  64. We offer AAA, senior citizen and military discounts
  65. No long-term commitment; rent monthly
  66. You can store your container at your house or in one of our many clean secure storage centers
  67. We deliver, you pack only once and we take it from there
  68. Your stuff won’t get mixed up with someone else’s on a big truck
  69. With PODS you’ll know where your container is – where does your stuff go when that truck pulls away?
  70. Not sure when you’re new home will be ready?  We can store your possessions in one of our secure Storage Centers
  71. Access your things at our Storage Center with just 24 hours notice
  72. Over 92% of our customers would recommend us to family and friends
  73. Our unique, patented PODZILLA® lift and transport system used on every delivery truck reduces the shifting of contents
  74. We can provide packing supplies – no need to make another trip for supplies when your time is at a premium
  75. PODS will deliver packing supplied to your front door within 2 business days
  76. Secure – you hold the only key so you can be sure your belongings are safe
  77. PODS Storage Centers feature sophisticated security systems
  78. We invented the category “Portable On Demand Storage”
  79. PODS makes a great housewarming gift
  80. Your clients will love you and come back the next time
  81. If you only have to pack your stuff once, it is less likely to get broken
  82. PODS makes moving and storing much more flexible
  83. 9 out of 10 PODS customers found moving or storing with us to be less stressful than the old way.
  84. Focus on life, we’ll handle the move
  85. Famous people love PODS (we just can’t use their names!)
  86. We’re located in Clearwater Florida – it’s really nice here.
  87. We’re the fastest growing form of moving and storage
  88. Nearly one million PODS container rentals
  89. Many top real estate brands are partnered with PODS. Check to see if your brand is one our list. If not, add your brand and receive special discounts for your customers. Pods.com/realestate
  90. PODS are: Practical, On time, Delightful and Safe
  91. PODS Containers will never track mud through your new home
  92. PODS Containers will never leave you with a flat tire, in the rain, 20 miles from the next highway exit
  93. PODS 7’ containers are great for college students or people with smaller loads
  94. PODS is insured and bonded
  95. PODS Storage Centers are dry and secure
  96. We have more than 250 Storage Centers
  97. Gas is expensive—let us do they driving
  98. Save money on the move so you can afford the house
  99. Your clients can take their time to unpack their things
  100. No need worrying about lifting heavy items into the back of a truck

The reasons to use PODS are many, but your experience with PODS is sure to be one of a kind.  Contact 877-770- PODS!

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